Doris Drive 2

“Leave here! Go to the infernal regions where you belong! Leave this place, leave this girl, and live out your days in the bottomless pit of everlasting fire!”

Barin’s eyes suddenly stopped glowing, his body and face turned back into man and he stared at James’ eyes, no longer full of hate and confidence. Now he had nothing but a look of panic and trepidation. He screamed. Screamed and convulsed and vanished in a burst of hellish color.

James scrambled to Sarah. He slid on the floor next to the tiny girl and took both of her hands in his saying,

“You’re free now Sarah! Go! Go to where you belong!”

James passed out.

He awoke with a massive headache. He sat up and looked around. He was in the haunted mansion. However, despite its broken and run-down appearance, he felt a sense of calm. The sun was shining in through the attic window and before he could get to his feet an apparition appeared. It was Sarah. Sarah Dorris. Looking as cute as ever with a huge grin plastered across her face. And she said,

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