Doris Drive 2

He ran up the stairs and found the ladder to attic; pulled out as if someone had used it recently. He darted up the steps and leaped inside to see the ghastly figure of Barin, still all black as night with those atrocious green eyes glowing and fangs protruding from his mouth, standing over the lovely girl who was laying on her back upon the floor. Barin let out a seething decry showing his appalling face to James. And despite feeling dreadful, James stood his ground, and yelled back to the monster,

“Go! Leave here! Leave the precious girl be! And get back into hell where you belong!”

The harrowing ghoul disappeared, then reappeared before James, thrusting his razor claws into James’ stomach while looking him directly in the eyes! James stopped, his own eyes widened, he felt excruciating pain, he thought this was it, the end, the end of his existence. How could he possibly fight a fiend so woeful and powerful? He then tasted blood, the blood spilling from his mouth as the beast screamed out in delight. But before his eyes closed, before he let death pass over him, before he perished forever, he heard a voice. Wilber. His great-uncle’s voice in his ear,

“Remember, James! He can’t really hurt ya! It’s not real! Don’t fall for it! Or you’ll leave this here place and Sarah will be trapped forever!”

“Please, James!” the voice of the young beauty rang out, “Cast him away! You can do it! You’re living! You have the power! Grab him! Throw him! Save me!”

Suddenly James’ eyes opened, he breathed in a monsterous breath of air, grabbed Barin’s phantom head, looked directly into the savage eyes and said in a loud yet calm manner,

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