Doris Drive 2

“I see the house. Right now. Just a ways right in front of me! Don’t you see it? Can’t you help me?” James pleaded.

“No boy, I can’t see it. I gotta get back to my work before I get into a whole heap of trouble! I got me a little time left before I can press onto heaven! Only you can see that place. Only you can help Sarah. Go there. Find her. When you do, hold her hand! Hold her hand and pray that she can be released from that devil! If a living, breathing soul can do that, then she’ll be set free!”

“What of Barin? He’ll rip me to shreds!”

“No. He can’t. He can make you think your being hurt. He can scare you. He can’t actually do anything to you at all here. Nothing can hurt you here. It’ll all be in your mind. Just in your mind. Remember that! Now go! And hurry!” Wilber said as he stood up straight, face disappearing, and walked back into the line of souls within the crowd.

James was terrified, yet knew he had to succeed. He sprinted to the house, and was there in minutes. The place looked different than before. It wasn’t broken with wolves chained outside and it wasn’t old, tattered and frightening. For it looked new. Clean and sparkling with a full lawn of green grass and a beautiful oak tree in the front yard. The colors stood out as everything else was grey and near the tree were two old hound dogs, not wolves and not snarling. They just kept lying and looking at James with worry and hope. He went directly to the door and entered.

Inside, the place looked new. The furniture and decorations from more than a century ago were clean and sparkling and he noticed the chair, the rocking chair, in the parlor, that looked newly built, sitting by an open fire place with a fresh afghan over the back. He then heard a scream. A shrilling howl that jolted his memory and made him spring back into action. He knew he had to save Sarah.

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