Doris Drive 2

“That, that – thing! It took the little girl! And I wound up here! Where am I? What is this place?”

“You saw him? Oh my, what a fright! I’m sorry for that, boy. Well now, I’m sure you know about heaven and hell. This here is a place in between. Kinda of a place to work hard to absolve your past sins. All these folks ya see here, they workin’ hard, boy! When ya work away your past evils, they come! From above! To take ya to a better place, a great place! Well, sometimes, if ya don’t try, if ya don’t care, then the scary ones come. I don’t wanna tell ya what that’s like! Anyways, just occasionally, a – a – soul, yea, a soul can get stuck! This here thing you saw, this monster, well, he’s stuck. And he’s holding yer great-great-auntie against her will!”

“My – my, great-great-aunt? You mean your own aunt? My daddy’s Great-Aunt Sarah? The little girl who died from being sick?”

“Yea, James. That’s the one, but she didn’t die by no sickness. She was murdered! By her uncle on her mother’s side! Damn Martin’s! Barin was his name. You see, this man was pure evil. Oh, so evil, in real life! As a child, he loved to torture and kill animals. And as young man, just outa school, well, the family thinks he done killed a neighbor boy, although no one could prove it! Well, one day, as an adult, he came over to the house. He hadn’t been there to see yer great-great-grandparents, his mommy and daddy in years and years! Well, your great-great-grammy weren’t home, out shoppin’ I guess, and your great-great-granddaddy was clear out in the woods, collecting twigs and such for the fires. Little Sarah was just out in the front, playin’, such a sweet child! Well, Barin, who had been up to nothin’ but bad, bad things his whole life suddenly had an inklin’. He took Sarah, up to the attic, and killed the poor thing! I ain’t gunna get into the details. But she were dead! When your great-great-granddaddy got home he found ‘em! When he saw what Barin did, well, he went berserk! Killed ‘ol Barin with a garden hoe! After that day, your great-great-granddaddy went to the mental hospital until he died. And your great-great-grammy went to stay with her sister, Bertha Martin.”

“Has anyone lived in that place since?” James asked.

“Nope. After that day the place just sat. No one but vagrants ever go yonder. You see though, one person, one person in the family can see things, special things, sent from Sarah, or at least that’s what I know now that I’m here. And, well, I guess that person’s you! That’s why you had all them dreams. That’s why you went out to that there house. Barin, though, he’s so evil! And he’s got power too! He studied in them, dark arts or blood magic, or whatever! That’s why you seen so many queer things I guess.”

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