Doris Drive 2

James slowly stood up, bewildered, and looked around at the queer landscape. This certainly felt like a dream. Thinking about it being a dream made James change his mind though. He knew it was real, he could feel it was real, no matter how bizarre. He started walking towards the house trying not to pay attention to the drones on either side of him when one of the spooky figures stepped out of the line, looked at James, and suddenly formed a recognizable face.James stood by uneasily and when the man was within distance, James knew the face.  It was his late Great-Uncle Wilber!

“My boy! My boy! Yer here! Well, this means you found da house? Right?” he said while hugging a stunned James with glee.

“Ye – ye – yes” James answered, unsure of himself, taking a step away from Great-Uncle Wilber’s ghost.

“No need ta be frightened of me now. There ain’t much time, my boy. Ain’t much time at all! I gotta tell ya what you need to know. Firstly though, you gotta be strong! Don’t be worried! I’m here to watch over ya. This family needs ya now, boy. We need ya bad!”

“Okay, Wilber. I’ll be strong. Just like when mom and dad died. I’ll keep it together, just like you always taught me.”

“Good, good, my boy! That’s a Dorris man!”

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