Nikita opened her eyes. She was sitting on a chair in a small white room. She didn’t remember how she came to be there or anything at all about her life before that moment. The only thing she knew was her name. Nikita. She spoke the word softly to herself, to confirm the reality of it, and, satisfied that it was in fact her name, stood up. Looking around she noticed the only feature of the otherwise featureless room. A door.

She opened the door and looked through into another room, much like the one she stood in, but this room contained a small table and chair. She stepped through and approached the table. Upon the table were a glass of milk and a sandwich. She ate the sandwich and drank the milk. They were good and she was satisfied. She noticed the door to the previous room was closed, though she was certain she had left it ajar upon entering. She walked over and tried to open the door, but it was locked.

There was however, another door in the opposite wall. This one opened to another small white room, complete with table, chair, sandwich and milk. Nikita noticed that the table was an oval shape, whereas the previous table had been square. The sandwich was different too. A chicken sandwich compared to the previous ham and tomato. It wasn’t milk at all, but orange juice. This room also contained a bed. She entered the new room and lay upon the bed for a few moments. Feeling refreshed, she got up and again noticed the door to the previous room had closed itself as she lay. She did not attempt to open it, knowing that it would be locked. Once again, there was a second door in the opposite wall opening into another identical room..

Nikita’s curiosity led her into that new room. There was a man sitting on the chair.

‘Nikita, baby, where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you.’ He embraced her, and she felt she should know this man, but she didn’t.

‘I’m sorry. I don’t remember you’, she whispered.

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