Disquiet Teen

The teen repeated the scream and the car jerked to the right and snapped a parking sign in the alley.  The car contracted violently, but continued roll through the darkness.  Thrice unlucky, Thomas eventually found refuge in the garage - neatly parking - the electronic door closing behind.

"I want beer," the teen said calmly.

"I'd pray for you if I thought God would listen to me."

Tom popped the trunk, got out of his car, and pulled the tire iron from the back.  Since the light in the garage was out, Tom kept the trunk open for the light it emitted.

"You have nothing but bad ideas!  I'm tired of it," he yelled and poked the side of his head with the tire iron.

The garage was a collection of old furniture and discarded boxes.  There were spider webs strewn across a variety of bikes and garden tools.  It was a typical space, except for the back storage unit with a hefty lock.  Thomas fumbled for the key to the lock and finally opened the door.

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