Disquiet Teen

Three blocks from home, he realized that there was only one beer in his refrigerator at home.  He did want to get more beer, and the teen suggested the liquor store by the tire store.  It wouldn't take very long to go in and get a twelve pack.  Tall ones.  The store is right there.

But for the blond hair caught in the wiper and the police vehicles flying by in the opposite direction with stage bright lights and screaming eagle sirens.  Waves more of emergency vehicles lit up the sky as they fractured the night with both light and sound.  It was time to get off the road, but the teen wanted beer.

The liquor store was on the left, but Tom didn't signal.  He saw more sirens and lights rushing down the street and he wanted to get off of the road for the night.  He wanted to scurry into his little corner.

"The store is right there!"

They passed it.  Thomas drove on and rumbled into the alley leading to his garage.  Then a piercing scream caused an explosion of pain between his temples.  For a moment, Thomas lost his mind and hit a trash can, which slammed over and seemed to explode.

"Stop it!" Thomas yelled, briefly regaining calm within his own head.  "We are going home."

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