Disquiet Teen

It was there, searching for something in his own face in the mirror above the bar, Tom recognized the teen was on a horrific losing streak.  All of his ideas were terrible - each floating into his head like a delicious float in some twisted parade -- grotesque Mardi Gras drag queens with nice asses.

Get help!  That's not right!  Get with a professional!

One doctor had suggested Thomas remember that he was older than the teen.  He was smarter and more responsible.  He had to be the adult, discipline or outsmart the young man.  Put him in his place.

It didn't work.

Another doctor prescribed physical exercise: join a gym, take up running, buy a bike.  Tom lost some weight and felt a lot sharper, but so did the teen.  This actually made things worse.

So Thomas distracted the teen with drink.  It was the one thing they both liked to do.  But what a dangerous game.  Alcohol!  It then came to one more drink versus no let's go - one more day and we'll slow down tomorrow, we'll quit next week, the new year is coming up and I think this time we can really make some meaningful changes.  How many days in a row of drinking is too much, and who the heck is to say?

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