Dismal 'n' Distress

“—twenty-three is the body-count so far. It seems that Gary Bauer would lure women back to his house where he would chain them in the sound-proofed basement so that he could rape and torture them before finally killing them. It is unclear at this time how long he has been doing this, but police believe that he had more victims lined up. The district attorney’s office will be preparing their case against Bauer, though it is their opinion he will try an insanity plea.

“Next with sports—”

A jab of her finger killed the tube. Stumbling, like a George Romero zombie looking for flesh, she went into the kitchen. Opening the basement door, she was devoured by darkness as she sank into it.

Liz pulled on an overhead string that sent the darkness retreating as it was chased out by the dim yellow light. Drifting through the laundry room into her workshop, she began to power everything down. She knew that she wouldn’t get anything done now.

Her butt, still unaccustomed to the tight skirt, bumped into her surgeon’s instrument tray and knocked some of the contents onto the floor. Liz took a clean rag off of the tray, bent down, and slowly wiped off each scalpel before returning them back to the tray. She rearranged all the items until they were picture perfect and in the order which they would be most used: scalpels, pliers, mace, hammer, saw, and small vial of acid. Tapping her foot and twiddling her fingers, she glanced over at the spot she had reserved for him. The rough concrete needed to be resealed so she could get the blood off easier. Too bad the spot would go unused for another week. She had just oiled and polished the shackles and bought new electrodes. And she had just fixed the trapdoor that led to the lye bath.

She chuckled as she picked up her strap-on dildo with the razor blades embedded in the end. The drawer that was reserved for things that she forced up men’s anuses had a perfect place for it carved out of foam.

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