Dismal 'n' Distress

Time stopped. Reality displaced itself. The train was no longer on the tracks because the tracks were imagined. Life was more than what she expected; her cynicism had no ability to mold the real world. Liz dived on the couch tackling the phone. She held it in a death grip to ensure that it didn’t slip away like a wet bar of soap. Without bothering to check the caller ID, she slipped into her phone sex voice: “Hey there.”

“Liz, turn on your TV!” a female voice shouted.

Her face and shoulders both slumped. Then her eyebrows met and her teeth ground together.

“Why Sarah?” Liz asked.

“It looks like your dream date turned out to be a nightmare,” Sarah said.

Liz dragged her eyes around the vast tundra of the little living room. The remote was playing hide and you’re screwed if you need it. After another quick survey she shrugged her shoulders and walked over to the television set. She stopped. Puzzled for a moment, then the little light bulb went off above her head as she remembered how to turn on the television without the remote.

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