Dismal 'n' Distress

by Adam Armstrong

Liz paced around her living room; a portrait of a patient waiting to find out if it is terminal. The slightest twist of her hips threatened to rip the fabric of her skirt and allow full movement again. Her rose blouse was about to lose the battle with her D cups. Liz stopped to adjust the blouse down to allow a canyon of cleavage. After a moment of consideration, she settled for a small hollow of cleavage instead.

French manicured nails begged to be bitten so she placed words in her mouth instead: “Could he have met someone else? Maybe he already has someone else. Was he just trying to pick up a hot piece on the side?” Her cheeks flushed a bright pink before the blush ran down either side of her face and formed a smile. The thick carpet was given a reprise as she slowed to ponder. The phone definitely would have rung by now if they both had the same line of thought.

A tiny tremor ran through her and ticked her eyes toward the clock. The second hand slowed down and thought about going backward. “I’ll give you a buzz about six.” It was five fifty-eight, Bastard! About six, it had been about six for centuries.

She didn’t know why she perpetually placed people on pedestals. It could be the undying romantic swimming under nine to five thoughts. The romantic wanted it all to fall together in perfect symphony with no turbulence until the end of time. So did the lazy American in her that wanted everything now, fast, and cheap.

Rejection wasn’t so horrible; especially rejection from a guy who she would probably end up using anyway. It was the thought of not being certain whether or not she was rejected…she dug her nails into the palm of her hands. Her heart beat to the insane rhythm of a drummer on crack trying to play the solo of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.

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