Difficult to Explain

“Excuse me, Missus? You dropped your glove.”

“Sorry? I wasn't wearing one.”

“Oh! My mistake. It must have been some other fuck tease.”

It's not the blood or the hair or even the vomit that's on my clothes that's confusing and troubling me. But in the morning, when I get back to the station, they'll ask me how I got the bite marks – there's even a bit of tooth, I can feel it under the tattoo! I could say it was a junkie, but I would have called it in. There would have been another car in the area to pick me up.

They know I know that.

I can’t go to the hospital - they'd have to take the jacket off. The jacket off, and the jumper off. The jacket off and the jumper off then the t-shirt off.

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