Devil in the Deep Blue

The faint light revealed a bridge in shambles:  broken glass, bent pipes, and shattered equipment filled the edges of his vision.  His bridge crew was nowhere in sight.

With the steadily-dimming torch in hand, Elfe methodically searched the length of the stuffy, unlit U-boat, with only the muted sound of his own footsteps and the soft, sibilant hiss of leaking seawater as company.  Save for a few bloodstains and some discarded items of torn apparel, he could not find any trace of his crew.

Elfe clambered onto an unflooded passageway and cautiously made his way back to the bridge.  I need to get to the surface, he thought; if I can only find the emergency blow valve, I’ll have a fighting chance.

At that moment he heard the faint jingle of a metal trinket and someone giggling behind him.  The discordant noises rang against the U-boat’s metal hull.  He gasped and quickly swung the torch around.


Elfe licked his quivering lips and pressed on, his head still throbbing with pain.  Panting heavily, he ducked as he reached the passageway’s end and emerged at the dark, silent bridge.  The torch was nearly drained, and he could hardly breathe:  the carbon dioxide levels inside the submarine had risen dramatically.

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