Devil in the Deep Blue

Aghast, Elfe quickly looked around to see if anybody else had noticed.  Apparently, nobody did:  everyone was too worried, too busy.

Elfe's mind was still reeling when the conning tower lookouts cried, “Multiple warships dead ahead!”

The watch officer instinctively hit the crash dive button and spun the annunciator.  “Alarm!”

The U-boat nosed down sluggishly.  “The ballast pipes must be malfunctioning,” Elfe muttered.  But in his mind’s ear, Jamar’s spiteful voice began to ring:  I curse you, yellow-haired devil -- may foes eternally hound you!

The Nixy had reached periscope depth when she, quite inexplicably, refused to go down any further.

“It’s as if something’s fouled our diving planes,” the watch officer said hoarsely.  “Fourteen metres is all we’ve got.”

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