Degrees of Relation

“Forget it.  Laundry can wait and we got food.  C’mon back to bed.  The world won’t change if you do your things later.


His argument was cut off by her banging the front door shut.  She slammed out of the driveway in her Rambler American, irritated at Mike’s bleeding-heart liberal philosophy.  Wasn’t he even worried a tiny bit about his brother stationed at Patrick Air Force base in Florida?  He’d be one of the first to go when the Russkis bombed the U.S.  A sudden bump on the rear wheels made her slam on the breaks.  “What the hell?” she asked rhetorically.


Walking around the car she saw a man’s legs sticking out from the wheel, the body was wedged further inside.  That’s when she screamed.


The cop arrived in minutes and ordered her to go sit on the curb.  He got into the car, which he pulled forward into Mike’s drive.  She heard another bump as the tires went back over the legs.

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