Dancing with Valentino

I scream in Aser’s face “Look you son of a bitch, I choose who I sleep with and it’s not some apple picker who smells like rotten fruit! ”

I didn’t see the punch coming and like the books say “I see stars”.   Bright flickers of light are bouncing around my head.   My nose is bleeding and drops are dribbling down my lips.   My tongue makes an inventory of my teeth and there is nothing loose or missing.   My vision is blurred and Aser is a hazy image looming over me.

“Get up, ” said Aser, yanking on my arm.

I’m slow getting up and I stagger to my feet. The area is relocating a kaleidoscope of colors and I’m weaving with it; such a peaceful feeling like floating on air.   I want to get back to my apartment, lie on the bed and just forget about this evening, but I can hear Aser’s voice.

“Take off your clothes, ” he demands.

“I’m not that drunk, ” I simply tell him and I wobble towards the door.   He reaches out and picks me up and throws me on the bed.

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