Dancing with Valentino

“What do you mean how I danced? ”

“You know - the Follies and Valentino. ”

“That was in the past, I don’t remember the routines.   And besides, I danced a tango with Valentino. It isn’t a dance you do by yourself. ”

He gets up from his chair and turns the radio on.   After twisting the dial several times he finds a station that isn’t playing Xmas music.

“Now you can dance. ”

I didn’t feel just like dancing or thinking of the Follies.   Thinking of days gone by always makes me melancholy.   I keep those days wrapped up in my own mind like prized possessions stored in a trunk. The memories aren’t to be distributed to a stranger. In those days, I was the “It” girl of the Follies even headlining at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.   Then later I’m the “It” girl of silent films being groomed with a top director for starring roles.   Movie critics and casting agents always mentioned my name and wrote, “Watch for Evelyn Ayres she’s going to be considered a star. ”

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