Flicking the cigarette butt into the gutter, he shrugged off his jacket and opened the rear door to place it on the back seat. A black glasses case was lodged next to the seat belt clip. The driver opened it and pulled out a smart pair of shiny new designer sunglasses. Smiling to himself, he got back behind the wheel, put the Ray-Bans on his nose, and pulled his mobile phone out of the glove compartment. He hit a familiar contact and the ringing was answered quickly.

“Hi, it’s me. I’ve got another one for you.” There were exclamations of disbelief at the other end of the line.

“Yes, I know I said ‘no more’, but the missus is on my case about getting that extension finished. And this is too good to miss – it’s a dead cert.”

He admired himself in the rear-view mirror.

“Yes, that’s what I said, but I want ten per cent more of the cut this time. OK?”

He tilted his head in the way people always do when they’re trying on eyewear.

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