“Don’t worry, love,” said Molly. “I’ll buy you a new pair in duty free. Let’s not have anything ruin this holiday.”

“Thank you.” He gave her a kiss and they moved off towards the check-in desks.

“You do have your passport though, don’t you, love?”


The taxi descended the ramp from the terminal building and joined the main road towards the motorway. After a few minutes, on a quieter stretch of highway, the driver braked and swung the car into a layby. He turned off the engine and got out.

The sun emerged from behind a cumulus cloud; it was another beautiful day. He loosened his tie, stretched in an exaggerated manner, then fumbled in his jacket pocket for a crumpled packet of cigarettes. He lit one and inhaled the smoke, tar and nicotine as if his life depended on it. He paced up and down for a few minutes, enjoying his smoke, deep in contemplation.

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