Tears in his eyes, he checked over his contingency plan. The rope and the chair had already been prepared. Another heinous crime against God, but it was too late for him anyway. He would not be around for the allegations that no doubt his tormentor would release on social media. He hoped that his family and parishioners would understand that he was too weak to bear the shame. He had always been weak.


He stepped out to the altar one last time and knelt down, uttering a silent prayer for forgiveness. He had his own confession to make.


Author Bio

Paul Michael Dubal settled in Ontario in 2008 from the United Kingdom with his wife and two children. His day job takes place in the corporate legal field in Toronto but he is even more creative outside the office. Paul’s first novel, Crimes Against Humanity is a critically acclaimed thriller about human trafficking in Canada. He has recently completed the explosive Dictator of Britain trilogy. a dystopian vision of a near future Britain. Follow Paul on Twitter: @pauldubal and Facebook: Paul Michael Dubal

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