“I can’t do it. It’s wrong.”

“Don’t play games with me Father. This isn’t wrong. A guilty man will get what’s coming to him. What YOU did was wrong.”

The priest’s fingers trembled over the keyboard. The voice inside the laptop sensed his hesitation. “Send the file and it all goes away. No one will ever know. Don’t send the file and everyone will know of your shame. You will destroy your reputation, your family’s and impugn the Catholic Church you love so much. Make the right choice.”

Father Bradley agonized. He knew he was weak. That’s why he had taken advantage of those boys in the first place. Given way to temptations of the flesh and his own perverted, salacious desires. How could he possibly face his God now? Whatever he did he was damned.

“Father, a family are in pain. They need to see justice. Father Bradley! The voice was urgent, almost pleading.”

Suddenly, his decision was made. Father Bradley picked up the laptop and smashed it against the concrete vestry wall repeatedly until the casing came off in a heap of twisted metal and his fingers were bloody.

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