He sure as hell could not answer that question. The priest smiled inwardly at his own tasteless pun. “You have come to confess in the House of God,” he began. “That is an important first step. You cannot undo what you have done but your penance is to seek peace with God and ask for his forgiveness every day. Live a decent life and seek to help people where you can. Our God is not a vengeful God, my son. He sees your remorse. Live a good life.”

Behind the grille Olsen sniffed but when he spoke his voice was brighter. “Thank you Father. It feels like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders.”

“Go in peace son, and make it your mission to serve the Lord.”

“I will Father and thank you.”

Olsen stepped out of the box and as Father Bradley watched him go, the killer seemed to stand a little taller. Another click and the recording was complete. An audio file of a confession made in the sacramental Confessional Box, the one place where dark secrets could be spilled without repercussions. Retreating to his vestry, Father Bradley’s finger hovered over the delete button on his laptop. Jesus give me strength, he thought to himself. He was about to delete when the Skype call came through. He reluctantly accepted it.

“Do you have it?” The voice was cold, metallic, all business. It was always just the voice. The extortionist had never shown his face. No need. He had Father Bradley’s attention.

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