“What happened next?”

The voice behind the grille hesitated, unsure what to say next. When he spoke it was still cracked with remorse. “I kept a low profile but I knew the cops would come calling eventually. When I shoved  him over the parapet I didn’t think there were any witnesses. I knew it was naive to expect I had got away with it. Apparently there had been a  witness, just a homeless guy who failed to even identify me in a police line up. Even so, they had enough to go to trial. Apparently a hair on his jacket matched my DNA but they had little else. The homeless guy was their star witness, that’s how weak their case was. My defence barrister absolutely ripped him to shreds, got him to admit he had been drinking heavily and took hallucinogenic drugs on the night of the killing. His credibility was destroyed. I did not take the stand because I know that the prosecution would have found me out. I let proceedings take their course, all the while knowing I was as guilty as sin. The case collapsed. You might have seen it in the papers.”

Father Bradley mumbled incoherently. Of course he had seen it. Scandalous, some had called it. A travesty of justice. An indictment of the prosecution system. He had heard it all. The fact is Olsen had walked free when no one truly believed he was innocent. Now he was in the confessional box, baring his soul.


At least now justice might be served, but he would have to break the seal of the Confessional, the absolute duty of the priest not to disclose anything they learned from penitents during the Sacrament of Penance. This applied even under the threat of his death or that of others. To break secrecy would lead to automatic excommunication. Yet that is exactly what he was being forced to do. It was more than an ethical dilemma. His very soul was at stake. For what purpose? Was he doing this to remedy a flawed justice system or to save his own sinful flesh?

“Father will I be sentenced to eternal damnation?” Olsen asked him desperately.

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