“We were out at a bar till late and we took a walk to the City Hall square. We walked along the concrete elevated walkway that runs around the square. Then we got into a heated argument. He began pushing and yelling at me, and I gave him one big shove. He stumbled and fell over the parapet to the concrete ground below. I knew it was bad as soon as I did it.”  His voice faltered.

“He made absolutely no sound. I could barely look over the edge and when I did my worst fears were confirmed. My partner, a friend of mine for 15 years, was lying motionless.”

Olsen began sobbing, thick grievous wails.

Father Bradley waited patiently. “I know this can't be easy. Take your time, my son.”

Olsen eventually composed himself. “His head was at a funny angle and there was blood oozing from it. I just knew he was dead. I panicked and fled. I ran as fast as I could till I was almost coughing up blood. It took me a while to calm down and and told myself it was a tragic accident. I thought about handing myself in and confessing to the police, but then I thought of my children. I would go to jail for a long time, and who would look after them? My wife was struggling and they needed me. What was the point of ruining my family’s life? So I calmly went home and avoided my wife’s awkward questions and went to bed.”

Father Bradley waited, aware that he wanted to say more. Best he keep talking. There was enough to implicate him already. It was all there. His tormentor would surely be satisfied.

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