“Father I killed a man.” The sentence hung in the air until the silence between them was like a suffocating mask.

“Who did you kill, my son?” the Priest asked eventually.

Now that the initial statement was out there, Olsen was less reticent. “I didn’t mean to kill him. Maybe I did in the moment of madness when it happened but I did not set out to kill him. I have been in a lot of scraps in my time but I felt I was finally on the right path. We were partners in a business venture that went sour. But I fell in with some old pals, the wrong type. They got me back into gambling. It was my fault. I used the money we invested at the casino. I took his investment with me and gambled it away.”

“Then what happened?”

“He came to remonstrate with me and we got into a fight. I pushed him and he fell.”

“Where did this happen?” asked Father Bradley, trying not to sound too inquisitive.

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