Cold Case

“And the mouse?”

Bill started. “Yeah,” he sighed. “There was something hanging out of his mouth, pink and long. It was mouse.”

The reporter shivered.

Back-up shortly arrived, and by the end of the day, the Creamery was crawling with cops and highway patrolmen.

“The news got out quick,” Bill said, “and some guy in New York City recognized James Raymond in the paper. Turns out he was a mobster.”

“James Raymond” was, in actuality, Tony Scarvo, a Genovese Family captain who turned states’ evidence in 1990 and went into the witness protection program. Though his features were doughy and unthreatening, Scarvo was one of the most feared enforcers the Genovese had. His father, an Italian immigrant, owned a funeral home on Staten Island, and, when he died, Tony took it over, and used it to dispose of dead Mafioso, sometimes even employing caskets with false bottoms, burying grandmothers and ministers on top, and rats on the bottom. They called him “The Undertaker.”

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