Cold Case

Mission accomplished, they got back into their car and peeled off.

“Do you have any evidence?” the reporter asked.

Bill shook his head. “The casings, but something tells me they won’t be able to trace them back to anything. The gun’s probably unregistered, probably in a lake or a river by now. It started snowing shortly after I got there, so any footprints were filled back in. The CSI team’s been through the place a few times, but nothing.”

It looked like the murder of Raymond James AKA Tony Scarvo was heading for the cold case files.

Bill didn’t like that. He wasn’t the type of man to rest easy when something was left undone. He didn’t see himself becoming one of those obsessive detective types he saw on Investigation Discovery, working endlessly on solving one case from thirty years before, but he also didn’t see himself ever being able to fully relax.

He said as much, and the reporter nodded.

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