Cold Case

“They caught him with a dead body in his trunk on the George Washington Bridge,” Bill said, recounting what he’d read. “They offered him a choice: Rat or spend the rest of your life in jail. He chose to rat.”

Scarvo’s testimony decimated the ranks of the Genovese Family. When the trial was over, he disappeared into the system.

In 1994, a famous New York director brought his life to the screen. The Undertaker was hailed as a cinematic masterpiece and went on to become the third-highest grossing film of the 1990s.

“They finally kicked him out in 1999,” Bill said. “He liked getting drunk and bragging about who he was.”

Bill’s theory was that the Genovese Family had finally caught up with him. It went down like this: Tony was making cookies and listening to the Christmas music, getting himself ready for the holidays, when someone knocked at the door. Maybe he answered it, found a team of guys in suits, and tried to get away. Maybe he looked out the window, saw them, and tried to get away. In either case, he made it to the kitchen before being shot the first time.

Like an animal trapped in a corner, Tony fought through his wounds, making it out the back door. One of the guys, probably the leader (Bill imagined him wearing a long black coat and black leather gloves) stood on the back step and hit him again. He went down, and maybe tried to crawl away. The hit men strode over, put a bullet in his brain, and then stuffed a mouse in his mouth, to symbolize that he was a rat (did they mistake the mouse for a rat? Could they not find one small enough?).

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