Charlotte Dark

It was at this time that I first noticed Charlotte.

My limited attention span that had caused me to fall sleep for the sixth time that day had been sparked into life at the sound of her high-heeled shoes on the stone pathway.

She had just returned from work that evening and had run from her parked car to the front door of her home to avoid the rain. As she stood there I marvelled at how Mother Nature could have created such beauty and such perfection in a woman, and as her rain soaked clothes clung to her body I felt something inside me jump as if sparking an emotion within me that I was unaware of, bringing to life a heart that I never knew existed.

It sounds silly, (even as I say it now) but she gives me hope during these last days, as I find myself counting the hours and minutes until I see her again. Just a glimpse of her as she leaves the house for work, or the shadows behind the frosted glass of her bathroom is enough to feed my empty soul until the time comes when it cannot be refilled again.


So as this virus rips what is left of me to pieces infecting me with a poison that burns my very existence to ashes, I use what time I have left to browse the collection of pictures I have taken of my love over these past few months. Charlotte is unaware of this of course, and she is unlikely to find out for I can never make my existence known to her. For even in my rapid decline, with the failing of my once keen and powerful mind, I am painfully aware that there can be no future for a love shared between a woman and a broken laptop.

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