Charlotte Dark

Never judgmental, and always impartial.

As I held such an important roll I was constantly updated on things of importance and had full access to staff profiles and financial records of this and other firms. I was always aware that, if I were ever compromised in anyway, I would be terminated from his employment immediately, and most probably from this existence with equal speed. This was of no matter to me as I was fully aware that this was an expected condition of my position within the company.

When we were alone the boss and I would often play chess, and although his game left much to the imagination I felt no need to insult his intellect by letting him win.

I would beat him easily as his tactical analysis was weak and he had no talent for planning for future possibilities, as a result of this he was sometimes reckless in his actions and foolhardy in his choice of company. As this lifestyle dictated I would occasionally help him ‘hook up’ with a lot of different women, some of whom would also attempt to ‘play’ with me. This would happen when the boss was out of the room as, having finished with them; he would take himself off to the shower in order to wash the grime of his game playing from his fat and bloated body leaving me alone with these ladies of ‘dubious morals’.

It was around this time that I must have contracted the virus that left me in the housebound condition that I find myself in now, for it took only once for the protection that I always carried with me not to work.

The effects of this infection soon became evident.

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