Calendar Girl

“What does he write in there that’s so important?” Jeannie continued, unabated by Melinda’s interruption or even the food in her own mouth. “Have you ever looked?”

“No, that’s private. I would never do that.”

“It kind of takes the spontaneity out of things, doesn’t it? What does he do when things don’t go as planned?”

“It’s funny. Everything seems to go just as he plans. Always,” Melinda said, spearing a lettuce leaf and chewing on it thoughtfully.

Melinda dropped her fork, took a drink of water.

“Hey, sorry,” said Jeannie, reaching across the table to grab her hand. “I didn’t mean anything by it. Josh is a great guy, a real catch. He’s just a little strange, that’s all. But all men are strange, aren’t they?”

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