Calendar Girl

“He’d written ‘Melinda peaks--shame on her!’ and something about a Christmas bonus and a surprise dinner tonight,” she answered, goose bumps rippling across her arms. “He gave me a funny look after he got out of the shower. As if he had seen me do it.”

“He’s pulling your leg, Mel, playing with you because you won’t ask.”

“I don’t know...,” she said. There was something so confident, so knowing in the way he’d written it in his book.

“Why don’t you just ask him? I mean you two are married. No secrets and everything, right?”

“No, that’s none of my business.”

“So, you’ll peek, but you won’t ask?” Jeannie snorted. “I still say he’s playing a joke on you. You should get back at him. When he tells you about dinner tonight, tell him you don’t want to go.”

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