Big Sugar

As they made their way towards the police station, Big Sugar could see that it was next to hopeless and the clock was ticking; he could see that the cells were jam-packed, as were the wall shackles. He knew that every second that went by made it that much harder for him to catch up with the merciless quartet of murderous crack addicts. He grabbed Wheelchair Paul’s arm. “Paulie, make a report mahn. I am going after these wolves for they have caught the scent of blood and may do more mayhem. They are looking for a few rounds of bread and will stop at nothing to get it. I mean to find them mahn; make the report and show the po-leece the dead mahn’s body.”

Wheelchair Paul sighed and nodded, even as Big Sugar was gone, his huge form disappearing into the thick crowd of bodies, almost like a ghost.


Lt. Felix ‘the Cat’ Bandora rubbed a sweaty palm over his grizzled, heavily whiskered face and sighed audibly. It had been a typical Saturday night at the Port. More than half the force over one-hundred cops, were on duty and still they had no room at the inn, no place left to stack the lowlifes, not even any wall-shackles available and they had had to resort to handcuffing them to the chairs. He scowled at Wheelchair Paul. “Yeah, what was that again? I din’ catch youse drift sport—know what I mean?”

“I said there has been a murder in a bathroom around the corner here on the second floor.”

Bandora frowned and looked Wheelchair Paul up and down and then glanced around the room. Who should he give this to? No, who was free, that was the question tonight. “Porelli, Jimmy Porelli, c’mere Jimmy.”

Porelli scowled at the watch commander but strolled over to his desk and nodded at him with his usual forlorn expression. “Gee-zuz boss,” he said, “I was jus’ sittin’ down to make out a report.”

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