Big Sugar

But this most foul, strange and unnatural.

—Shakespeare, Hamlet. Act I, sc. 5, 1. 27.


Inside the men’s bathroom on the second floor, that Thomas Wang was now entering, two homosexuals were engaging in an immoral act behind a closed and locked stall door, their growling and moaning being totally ignored by the four drug addicts who sat in a corner taking turns passing around a crack pipe. One of the addicts, a transvestite with a two-day-old beard showing through his pancake make-up and totally oblivious of the perverted rumblings inside the room, nevertheless, looked up startled when Thomas Wang opened the door and walked into the rank public restroom. The transvestite’s staring demeanor alerted the other junkies and they all looked up and saw not a human being entering the restroom but a mark, a mark wearing an Armani suit that they all envisioned was filled with cash, cash that they could buy more crack with, a habit they all shared and would do anything to feed.

Wang’s nostrils closed reflexively, upon entering the stench-filled lavatory, and he hurried to the urinal and unzipped his fly, where the transvestite brushed up against him. “Ooooooohhh honey, I’ll do youse fo’ a quarter?”

Wang kept directing his stream of urine and didn’t bother to look up but rasped, “Please leave me alone sir.”

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