Big Sugar

“Yes-yes, I know it well. How did she …what, that is—”

Officer Robert B. McLarnin lowered his voice and leaned in towards Hennessy. “Well sir, she officially froze to death but foul play is suspected, know what I mean, ah, sir?”

“Foul play Officer McLarnin?”

“Well sir several witnesses saw her in an alleyway next to Saint Thomas and also saw a big niggah, ah-er, I mean African-American, scuze me Faddah, ah diz African-American was seen hangin’ aroun’ her, see? So we figure he was probably robbin’ her—know what I mean sir? The streets are bad sir, especially this time of the year; know what I mean Faddah?”

Father James J. Hennessy immediately turned pale then jerked his head towards where Dumb Eddie and Wheelchair Paul both were standing, grinning widely.


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