Big Sugar

“Faddah, we know it’s Christmas and all but we really need to ask for your help; we need an eye-dee?”

Hennessy shook his head; no day was sacred in the city of New York, death was always ever present. He looked at McLarnin and shook his head.  “Who was it Officer?”

“It was One-legged Stella, you remember her, don’t yah Faddah? She was here every Christmas for the past half-dozen years?” McLarnin said, reaching for a pack of cigarettes.

“Yeah Father the one in the wheelchair, she was a diabetic, remember? You used to bring her insulin to the Port?” Porelli added, bumming a cigarette from his partner.

“What?” Hennessy glanced towards Dumb Eddie and Wheelchair Paul.

“Ah, yessir, they found her body on Fifth Av-nah, next to Saint Thomas.”

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