Big Sugar

Father James J. Hennessy pulled the bus up to the curb, just in front of the entrance to the Port Authority Bus terminal, on 42nd Street. He stepped out and looked around, then heard his name being called and strolled over to where a man on crutches, and another in a wheelchair, sat, beckoning to him. He nodded at them. “Hey fellas, where’s everybody at?”

“Geez, I dunno Faddah—but we’re ready.”

Hennessy nodded and held open the door for both cripples, even though he knew the majority of them disdained any such help, preferring to get along on their own steam. But, today, the holiest of days, both men allowed he priest the courtesy. As they walked towards the bus, the trio could plainly see several people loitering around the vehicle, several in wheelchairs or on crutches and all of them homeless.

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