Big Sugar

“Great, I gotta freakin’ machete-wieldin’ jah-mook chasin’ a bunch a sissy crack-heads all over dah Port. What a youse t’ink Cat? We sweep the area?”

“I think we gotta locate this molly-ah-nard Joe, I can roundup my best men, you know before we send the troops in, and see if we can find this Jamaican jahmook—this Big Sugar.”

Giambra nodded and exhaled a stream of noxious smoke. “Find this ‘mook quick Cat. I can give you ‘till midnight.”

Porelli glanced at Felix ‘the Cat’ Bandora and Bandora nodded at Giambra. “And if we can’t find him by then Cap’?”

Giambra smiled obliquely and summed up what would happen, in two ice-cold syllables when he snapped, “We sweep!”



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