Big Sugar

“Card Mullins, what, Card,” Giambra said, studying Porelli’s face.

“Yessir and he’s already back on the street again but he hasn’t worked the Port since.”

“Card Mullins, why dat lowlife’s been woikin’ dah Port ever since I’ve had this command and that’s six years in September, Geezuz, so that’s that guy, he carries a damn Bowie knife ah sumpin’?”

“A machete Skip’,” Porelli said, grinning.

“A machete …? What ah we got, a Crocodile Dundee chasin’ some wiseguys—or what?”

“Well sir, Wheelchair Paul,” Porelli nodded his head back towards Wheelchair Paul, “says that there were four crackheads and Big Sugar knew them—two of them are transvestites.”

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