Big Sugar

“Yeah-yeah,” Bandora said and turned back towards Wheelchair Paul. “Jimmy this here is Paul, He says there’s a dead poison in ah terlet, right Paul?”

“Yessir, right up here on this floor, just around the corner here,” Wheelchair Paul barked, looking at both the cops and pleading with his eyes for their attention.

Porelli opened his mouth to protest but Bandora had already motioned another cop over to his desk and was speaking to him. “Hey Billy, ‘id youse get those Knicks tickets for me?”

The other cop smiled and pulled out four tickets for the coming Tuesday’s Knicks/Bulls game and Bandora smiled then frowned at Porelli. “Jimmy, youse still here,” he said. “Go on and check this thing in the bad-room out?”

Porelli reached out and began pushing Wheelchair Paul’s chair but was quickly rebuked, as Wheelchair Paul stopped the chair and barked, “I can push myself, sir, thank you very much.”

Porelli smiled weakly when Wheelchair Paul did a reverse wheelie and Porelli skulked after him, as the cop who had given Bandora the Knicks tickets said, “What’s all that about Skipper?”

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