Beyond the Elder Tree

The witching hour was fast approaching and Timmy was lying in his sleeping bag just dropping off to sleep when he heard the crunching sound outside the tent. Timmy went rigid. He was wide awake and alert in an instant, heart pounding loudly in his chest. Someone fumbled with the zip to the tent.

Then he let out a heavy sigh and relaxed. Lucas clambered back into inside after relieving himself again.

“Strange how the trees look closer when it’s dark” Lucas whispered loudly as he wrestled his way into his own sleeping bag.

Timmy felt prickles run up his spine. “I know” he murmured quietly.  He’d considered the same thing earlier as the evening shadows had been crawling towards them when they built the campfire.

He didn’t like it here Timmy decided. Furthermore, now he was awake again he could see silhouettes of the surrounding trees on the side of the tent. The whole island was bathed in cold silvery moonlight. Normally he’d be glad of a full moon when camping but tonight the moon was far from friendly. Its sinister glow brought the distorted tree to life in Timmy’s mind; conjuring images of its skeletal branches ripping open the canvass to get at the two boys inside.

Throughout the night Timmy endured a restless sleep. His dreams came thick and fast and in every one he was being chased by an unseen spectre that lurked in the woods.

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