Bed Bugs

He woke up as his skull jumped out onto the floor. Matt looked on in astonishment. This skull was his prize possession. Well since the other day when he found it down by the tracks. Now it just seemed more trouble then it was worth. He looked again as the skull began moving across the floor like a parade of ants had lifted it on their backs. It juddered. Matt squealed and disappeared underneath his bed sheets. He held his breath as he heard it scraping along the floor. What was it doing? Where was it going? The answer came as he heard it knock against the side of his bed. He scurried through his bed sheets to the bottom of the bed to escape the sound. Maybe he could get to the door, get away but the skull was too quick for him, as though sensing his presence it had followed him down to the other end of the bed. The skull was moving, possessed by some malevolent force out to get him, he knew it. He heard it knocking against his bed, his fortress; he would be safe up here away from it he was sure. All Matt wanted to do was cry out for his Mum to make it stop, the banging continued getting harder and faster. It was coming for him; he curled up into a ball when suddenly a light flashed on… Through the bed sheets Matt could make out the angelic figure of his Mother standing looking at him, rather puzzled.

“It is long past your bed time young man,” she stated bluntly. “What is all this racket? Are you playing late again?”

“No… Mum… the skull…” Matt tried to blurt out.

His Mother came over and pulled the blanket away from him. “Oh your little skull, you’ve dropped it on the floor.”

She bent over to pick it up when her hands trembled and she almost dropped it, Matt looked on in terror.

“It’s alive!”

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