Bank Robbers

Jesse nodded, his weapon pushing into Oak’s crotch. “And if you lie to me . . . you’re going to be taking a vow of celibacy.”

“I’m down,” Oak said. “Why don’t you close the trunk?”


“So, do you have any plans this evening?” asked Joan Wilder, practically undressing the bank customer with her ravenous eyes.

“Yes, I’ll be sharing paella with my boyfriend,” replied Tom.

“Oh,” Joan whimpered, feeling more embarrassed and demoralized than she’d felt in quite a long time. She popped a Xanax, then said, “Next customer!”

The security guard was getting hungry. Colin heard his stomach growl like an agitated wolverine. He checked his watch and discovered ¾ fortunately ¾ it was already noon. He nodded to Joan, passing by the tellers, and hastily continued walking toward the back area. There was a Celeste pizza and two corndogs in the freezer. He also had a Walkman with nothing but Johnny Cash hits.

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