Bank Robbers

“Chill out.” Sam’s eyes stared ahead, staying in character. “I’m a college student majoring in English. You’re a teacher. We’re just driving to school.”

“What if?”

“What if . . . what? Just stick to the basic roles.”

“I’m sorry,” said Jesse. The noon sun was too much for his eyes. Squinting, he pulled down the sun visor. He spoke, while nervously peering into the rearview. “I can’t go back to that mothafuckin’ eight by ten. I’d rather die.”

Khali exited her vehicle ¾ no longer property of Officer Creeler of the San Diego Sheriff’s department ¾ with a tobacco chew stained smile. She spat on the ground, laughing with contempt for common decency. Her laugh was stifled, however, once the AK-47 was removed from Jesse’s beige trenchcoat.

“Oh snap,” she said. “This is fu ¾”


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