Bank Robbers

“You know what I wanna do,” Khali said. “I wanna arrest somebody. Let’s go arrest somebody. Some teens. Yeah!”

Khali flipped the red lights on again. Again, Oak’s heart froze.

“Uh. Babe. It’s daylight. If we just stick to our plan we can drop these stolen joints off at the Tijuana barbershop and sip mimosas at half price for a few months. Then maybe we hit Europe. You can teach me Français. Sound like a plan? Babe?”

The police cruiser swerved across traffic. An ear-popping left was made at the stoplight. The red lights vanished, as the stolen vehicle quickly blazed down Highway 101, after loudly whipping around the street corner. They were just two blocks away from the bank!

“FUCK,” Oak yelled.


“Dude Sam. Sam dude,” Jessie said, frantically shoving baggies of white girl ¾ commonly known as cocaine ¾ into every crevice of the Honda Civic. “We’re so fucked!”

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