Bank Robbers

Khali lifted her nylon mask. “That’s right, Alan Oakley. You’re busted!”

“What?” Oak was shocked. “Babe?”

“She’s not your babe,” replied Officer Creeler. “Her name is Susan Whitaker. She’s an undercover agent of the Encinitas Sherriff’s Department. Banking division. Now you and your two buddies sitting in my stolen cruiser are going to prison.”

Oak briefly thought of shooting himself, but decided prison would be an okay place to lay low for a little while. He was heartbroken. Khali was the hottest babe that had ever pretended to like him. He wasn’t even a genuine bank robber. She enjoyed his bank robbery story at Mr. Peabody’s Bar and Grill so much, he never bothered to admit that he’d never done so before. He was just trying to impress a perfect ten. Now he’d have to win over hot chicks with his insane prison stories . . .


Ryan Gregory Thomas is a prospective MFA in fiction graduate student at San Diego State University. He has several books available on, but for more worthwhile short stories he recommends "Catch A Body With Two Steady Hands: Full Collection" available in Kindle or paperback format. He's also suggesting you pick up a fictional novel entitled "Evicted" available on the aforementioned website. He lastly wishes everybody will enjoy a happy rest of the day!


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