Bank Robbers

“I’m also gonna get a share,” urged Colin, brandishing the weapon and waving it between Khali and Oak. “N’est ce pas?”

“Sure,” Oak said, sharing a nod of approval. “We got enough for everybody.”

He wasn’t positive of the fact, though.

Joan and Jason, however, recognized the name and could report correct information to the authorities. He’d have to follow through on their portions of the score. The security guard didn’t actually know anything, so it wasn’t truly necessary to include him. For now, Oak would just have to pretend. The logistics were smoothly running through his head. As agreed upon, he’d leave Joan a trash bag in her maroon ‘92 Corolla’s trunk, which she and Jason would split. Next hop into his hooptie, which had two bags of cash, and stealthily abscond with his sizeable take. Then it was off to Mexico! Jessie and Sam were no doubt already halfway down to Tijuana by now.

“Drop your weapons!” said Officer Creeler, bursting through the pneumatic doors with an infuriated look on his sweaty face.

“Get on the ground!” yelled another officer, as two more entered the premises.

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