Bank Robbers

Joan was slightly pleased to be considered a babe. “Look, there’s a backup safe below the counter. If you cut me in, perhaps I can crack it open for you.”

Sam punched a disgruntled customer ¾ squarely in the back of the head ¾ for his unruly defiance. The customer finally relinquished his platinum Rolex.

“Wouldn’t the company arrest you for being a party to robbery?” asked Jessie, incredulously.

He kicked a crawling customer to suppress an escape attempt.

“They can’t hear anything I’m saying on camera,” replied Joan.

Passing beyond the pneumatic doors, a new customer wearing grey sweatpants and a loud pair of flip-flops took in the sight of a robbery in progress. He was shirtless ¾ continuing toward the frightened bank tellers ¾ despite having seen the warning sign that enterers not wearing a T-shirt would be refused service. His skin was deeply tanned to the bold color of a swarthy Israeli. Joan was pretty well aroused.

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