Bank Robbers

Just as Colin passed, Joan realized he was actually a stud. Perhaps it was his employment as a security guard that dimmed his overall attractiveness. Now that she considered the idea, his butt was comparable to Kevin Sorbo’s. She wouldn’t mind being rescued from her miserable life by Hercules’ doppelganger. As she daydreamed, a group of four men wearing black masks came through the front entrance.

They all had guns.


“Open up the registers!” yelled Oak.

“I can’t now,” replied Joan. “They’re automatically locked because of a remotely-operated security system. When theft protection saw you enter with masks and weapons . . . everything became permanently sealed.”

“FUCK!”  screamed Khali.

Jessie raised his AK-47 to Joan’s chest. “I’ll blow this babe’s tits to hell!”

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